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UNDERSTANDING THE THREE PRINCIPLES 0:08 -helicopter and pit / 6:47 -snow globe / 7:27 -thought cycle / 17:39 -the elevator This analogy is a timeless explanation of the 3P’s that clearly illustrates the concepts in a way that is easily digestible. Steven Crouch explains on a whiteboard the fundamental concepts of innate health taught by Sydney Banks. Mind, Thought, and Consciousness have never been so easy to understand as when taught through the idea of a helicopter and pit. Be sure to like and subscribe if you want to see more. You can also check out the embraced.life website for more audio, video and live talks.

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Steven Crouch

Steven was born and raised in Southern California. He attended Los Angeles Pierce College before moving to Bakersfield where he attended California State University Bakersfield for his graduate studies. He started S.R.Crouch & Associates, a healthcare and mental health practice consulting firm shortly after graduating. During his career Steven has worked as a consultant starting psychiatric programs in medical/surgical hospitals. He was also the administrator of a large medical group in Kern and Ventura Counties and taught at the local University. In 1993 and over the years he had the opportunity to spend time with Sydney Banks (Syd, as he liked to be called) who had a realization of his experience which has forever changed humanity. Steven is a passionate educator of interns and trainees concerning the impact this understanding could have on individuals, families, employers, teachers and communities in general. Steven loves decorating, fashion, film, fishing, sitting on the beach, gardening and cooking. Having lost both a son and daughter as well as being a cancer survivor, he has personally seen the value of appreciating the moments in life. Steven considers himself extremely blessed to have is wife Renee by his side as his life partner and colleague since 1992 when they married after only dating 6 months. They reside in Bakersfield, California with their three children Corbin, Canon and Ivy.

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